About us



At mechanics Phones, our passion is fuelled by our desire to help every single individual with a poor credit rating get an affordable phone contract. In fact, this very same desire is what informed our decision to enter into the UK mobile phone contract industry with special bias towards guaranteed mobile phone contracts. From inception, we’ve cut out a unique brand and can say without any fear of contradiction that we’ve come to the rescue of thousands of UK residents who initially couldn’t avail a phone contract get approved for one.

Our key objective and vision is to ensure that no single person ever gets denied for a phone contract simply because they have a history of CCJs or their credit score is below average. In as much as we try to assist those with a poor credit rating get approved for a phone contract, we also try to make them see the sense of taking measures to improve their credit rating. In fact, we guide our customers on how they can use guaranteed mobile phone contracts to improve their credit score for the better.

We are honest, explain to our customers everything they need to know regarding guaranteed mobile phone contracts and do everything within our power to ensure that our customers make an informed decision. It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve been declined or how poor your credit score is, at Mechanics Phones, you can be rest assured that we’ve got you covered.