Why A Guaranteed Mobile Phone Contract Is the Best for you

The reports of the new smartphones such as the latest Galaxies, iPhones, and Sony XPeria among others release sends the market into frenzy. No one wants to miss them. In fact, some of these phones are so advanced that they can be used to prepare projects, monitor kids, carry vehicle diagnostics, and even link with smart devices such as Amazon Echo. However, these smartphones come at a premium. For example, the latest Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge will cost you a whopping £800.

Putting together this amount is never easy. In fact, even when clients want cheaper phones costing less that £500 dollars, the amount is still very high to many people. However, this is not the end of the road to getting your phone of choice. The best alternative is going for guaranteed mobile phone contracts. Here are four key reasons why phone contracts are the best for you.

You can get the phone of choice by paying only a few pounds every month

If you ask some people how long it will take to save several hundred dollars, the answer will be very many months. For others, it might be impossible because of other obligations. However, a guaranteed phone contract allows the user to get the phone of choice by paying a very small amount. For example, you can get a £700 smartphone by paying about £30-£40 for about 18 to 24 months.

It is possible to get the latest phones even with poor credit

Poor credit score is a great bottleneck to accessing any form of credit in the UK today. From mortgage to direct bank loans, no lender will be willing to work with you because you are considered a high-risk party. However, you can still get a guaranteed mobile phone contract from dealers who do not factor the credit score. In other cases, you can use a guarantor with good credit score.

There is little disruption in personal finances

Often, assets acquisition often brings a lot of disruptions in personal finances because they take a huge chunk of monthly income. However, phone contracts bring about limited disruption because you only pay a small amount over a long time. For example, you can access some of the top phones by paying as little as £15 every month for up to 24 months. This means that you can continue with normal lifestyle while still enjoying the best that the latest smartphones have to offer.

They provide a perfect opportunity to build personal credit score

If you get a guaranteed phone contract with bad credit, it is a perfect opportunity to start building your score. By sticking to the agreed repayment agreement, the report will be captured on your credit report and pull it up. Even in the event that the phone company of choice is skeptical about your credit status, a SIM only contract can be used to demonstrate personal credit worthiness.

Guaranteed phone contracts come in handy to ensure that every person can get access to a phone of choice. In fact, you can even pay less by negotiation with the dealer or respective company when selecting the plan of choice.